Deerfield Pie Basket Class

This basket measures 12 x 10 “ and has a solid woven bottom done in an unusual style. The sides will be done in color and will be available in several shades. Will bring as many shades as I have on hand so you will have lots of choices - till they run out. Good basket for all levels. Instructor Mary McAllister. SUPPLIES YOU MUST BRING FOR CLASS: Water container (bucket/bowl), small towel, scissors (garden type preferable), small flat head screwdriver, 2 dozen snap type clothespins, tape measure, pencil, pocket knife (good sized), sandpaper, weights (unopened soup cans work) and a small spray bottle. PACK A LUNCH/SNACKS, or bring something to share. You will be working thru lunch. BASKET CLASSES SIZE ARE LIMITED, REGISTER EARLY! Please note: Supplies are specially cut for each basket two days prior to class If you need to cancel your class, please call us 72 hours prior to receive a full refund. There will be no refund after that time. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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